Hottinger Capital independently assists its clients with any issues concerning their assets whilst ensuring there is no conflict of interest.

Nos services

Asset Management

Hottinger Capital works with wealthy clients looking for expertise, transparency and independence when it comes to managing their assets.

Managing and preserving your assets is our priority.
First we study both your situation and specific characteristics.
We then work together to produce a tailored solution. We adapt our management according to your needs and we take care of building and restructuring your portfolio.
Establishing a trust-based relationship with you is extremely important to us.

Asset management requires a complete overview of all your assets,
but also of your personal situation. Your attitude to risk, your geographical location, the expected return and any issues with asset conveyance are also taken into account.

    responding to the client’s specific needs.
    ensuring a critical, independent view.
    ensuring the diversified management of your assets is personally monitored.

Family office

Hottinger Capital provides solutions for families by offering proficient asset management and conveyance.

Just like a large company, a family’s assets should be carefully managed down to the last detail.

  • Hottinger Capital offers the following services:
  • Asset management
  • Inheritance planning
  • Legal and tax resources
  • Risk management

A large network of experts (solicitors, tax, property and art experts)

We work with financial experts but also experts in other areas. This means we can offer a cross-section of advice and recommend professionals if required.

Who are we?

Our story

For over 200 years, Hottinger has been a benchmark company for asset management.
In order to retain a close relationship with our clients, as a family we have been growing different entities internationally for over 7 generations. Every entity aimed at benefitting our clients inline with the specific culture of each country.
We prefer to remain a human-sized group to ensure quick effective decisions that will benefit our clients.
Our strategic international growth is based on key financial locations, likely to make the most of private assets.

Nos valeurs


Hottinger Capital is completely independent. The company is not linked to any banking organisation, which means we can guarantee the choice of solutions which are most suited and most beneficial without any external influence.
This desire to be independent means we can include all products and financial investments in our research to find the best suited and highest performance options for our clients.


Establishing a long-term, trust-based relationship is primordial. Hottinger Capital will support and advise you at every stage you go through. A relationship like this, founded on loyalty means those involved can be fully aware of and understand the movement of their assets yesterday, today and tomorrow.


The safety and stability of your capital under management is essential. We apply a rigorous, careful management method for all our clients.


Of course, the aim for all managed assets is to see them grow. Hottinger Capital takes action to make this happen.

Our benefits

  • Independence
  • Confidentiality
    and discretion
  • Dynamic
    asset management
  • Access to all products
    available on the market
  • Tax optimisation

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An in depth study of our client’s situation and needs

Tax and asset expertise: identifying needs and an asset audit.
We are here to listen and to address both the financial and family aspects of your situation. The audit is carried out in total confidentiality.


Tax and asset report

After an in depth audit of your assets we will create a report on your tax and asset situation. This will enable us to visualise your financial environment and the possibilities and limits that arise.


Defining an investment strategy

Recommendations and simulations, selecting a tax framework.
The information that has been collected and brought together in the asset report is analysed. Then, depending on your own requests and need, we will offer you an effective strategy in terms of investment, financial placement and multi-management.


Tailored asset and investment management

We offer tailored, innovative solutions based on an open architecture.


Regular, personalised reports

We will establish a time-frame for monitoring according to your wishes.

Notre equipe



Chairman of the Board

With 30 years experience in private banking, Frédéric Hottinger has held high-level positions in many of Hottinger’s different companies.



Managing Director

20 years experience in private management at the heart of the Hottinger group.



Head of Institutional Clients

15 years experience in asset management (AXA IM) and financial intermediation (Raymond James International)


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